We have performed our musical storytellings shows all over Queensland and are available for performances Australia-wide. The shows are:

  • a combination of live music, movement, storytelling and colourful props
  • suitable for children aged 0-10 years
  • highly interactive
  • presented by two performers


Fabulous Lemon Drops Duo


Emotions Show - 1, 2, 3 Smile

A madcap journey through the world of emotions to support issues of self-esteem and friendship. Through the use of music and storytelling the children will have opportunities to recognise and communicate a range of feelings and emotions. The performance seeks to support emotional literacy development in young children which will help them to be socially competent and enable them to recognise and respond to social cues appropriately. View a video of one of the songs from the show.

Environment Show - Everything's Gone Green

A musical journey into the Australian bush, to meet a rock and roll koala and an environmentally aware green frog. The show is educational and informative, and presents information about reusing and recycling, saving water and wildlife conservation through music and theatre. The show is therefore both educational and entertaining and is perfect for environmental events such as World Environment Day, and to support environmental or sustainability themes.

Hands-on Music Show - Let's Sing

The Fabulous Lemon Drops will bring guitars, kazoos, slide whistles and a big box full of interesting percussion instruments. Through the sounds made by the instruments the children will be taken on a musical adventure. During the performance the children will have many opportunities to sing a range of songs, and experience basic musical concepts such as pitch, rhythm and tempo by experimenting with a wide variety of simple percussion instruments. This is a fabulous opportunity to enable children to express themselves creatively and experience the joys of live music making.

Health Show - Get Moving

An exciting adventure searching for the elusive bouncy ball. This show combines music, movement and storytelling to promote a series of healthy messages including the importance of breakfast and the role of sleep and exercise to improve well-being. The performance features a number of original action songs which are easy to dance to and encourage children to get up and move, including the very lively song " I Jump" a finalist in the 2014 Australian Songwriting Contest. The show is therefore both educational and entertaining and is perfect for supporting a variety of health themed events.

Multicultural Show - All Around The World

All aboard as the Fabulous Lemon Drops embark on an exciting trip around the world. Using the power of imagination the children will travel on an adventure to all four corners of the globe. On the way they will meet a range of exotic animals, dance with the lion dancers at a Chinese festival, and play some interesting musical instruments. This exciting, colourful and educational show, intends to open up the imaginations of each and every child, encouraging dancing, singing and laughter. It provides an opportunity to celebrate difference and explore a variety of cultures. The show culminates in a cacophony of musical celebration with every child having hands-on experience playing percussion instruments from all around the world.

Nursery Rhyme Show - Rock 'n' Roll Rhyme Time - NEW FOR 2021

An all singing, all dancing twist on a range of classic nursery rhymes and songs and a host of hilarious nursery rhyme characters and their stories. It is widely recognised that nursery rhymes play an important role in early childhood development and educaction. This show has been developed to inspire, educate and entertain young children, while providing an opportunity for them to engage creatively with a live music performance. read more»

Reading Show - I Love Reading

An interactive and highly entertaining musical storytelling performance designed to bring books to life. The show features a number of original songs including the hit song " I Love Reading", a finalist in the 2015 Australian Songwriting Contest. It engages young children and incorporates singing, movement, musical instruments and storytelling. The performance promotes the joy of reading and is perfect for book and literacy themed events such as Children's Book Week. read more»

Seasonal Show - It's Christmas Time

A musical celebration of the Christmas season featuring live music, singing, dancing and colourful costumes. read more»


How much will a concert cost?

This will vary according to how much travel is involved, the number of performances required etc. An exact price quote will be given immediately by email or over the phone once you have indicated the number of children, number of performances, the location of the performances and the dates you are considering.


Feel free to contact us to discuss your particular requirements. All performers have current Blue Cards and public liability insurance.   

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"Thank you for delivering such a marvellous performance at Woodford.  The feedback from the branch and the school was outstanding!"

Information Services Leader, Moreton Bay Region Libraries

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